BridgeConX for Anesthesia

The creators of BridgeConX (BCX) Anesthesia EMR have been successfully consulting with and running Anesthesia Practices for over 10 years.

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“BridgeConX Anesthesia EMR takes the headache out of compliance and intuitively automates anesthesia charting without slowing down providers.”

Teresa Dyson

Chief CRNA IV Anesthesia Services, Dallas, TX

BridgeConX (BCX) Anesthesia EMR

Simplifies your workflow, increases compliance and integrates your existing systems. BCX specializes in efficiencies of Anesthesia Practices streamlining daily operations, increasing employee productivity, and reducing costs. In an industry first, we have created Bots that are able to automate normal and routine tasks that are usually done manually.

Quality Measure Capture

AUSTIN (Automatic Quality Measure Tracking) automatically tracks quality measures with a tablet work flow that is fast and efficient for providers and syncs with the BCX Anesthesia EMR. BCX is fully integrated with a PQRS registry and understands the reporting challenges unique to anesthesia practices.

Anesthesia EMR

Tracks the patient thru the entire patient encounter and is fully integrated with the anesthesia monitor to automatically chart and capture data.

Billing & Collections

PAT (Patient Account Tracker) passes the billing information into the practice chosen PM system (or the BCX PM) for billing efficiency. No more faxing or couriering information back to a central billing office. PAT also sends automated messages to patients for collections once the account is at patient responsibility.

Data Analytics

Captured information is used to benchmark against your own practice and voluntarily benchmark with other provider groups.

Insurance Verification

GAVIN (General Automatic Verify INsurance) receives the patient schedule and demographic information from CANDI and automatically verifies the patients insurance and calculates the patient responsibility and passes this information to CANDI for patient notification. Staff can easily see the status of a patient’s verification and notification.

 Preprocedure Screening

CANDI (Contact ANd Deliver Information) sends automated messages to patients regarding pertinent information and directing them to a Patient portal for Preprocedure screening. This information is displayed in an intuitive que back to staff members and integrated into the system. No more hours on the phone calling patients. The system automatically notifies staff of any missing information.


CANDI (Contact ANd Deliver Information) takes the schedule information provided by ASHLI, to notify anesthesia providers of their upcoming work schedule thru sms messaging.  The staff response automatically updates the schedule.  No more shuffling thru calendars and paper to keep up with staffing.  Efficient staffing is the key to a successful anesthesia practice.

Import Schedules

ASHLI (Automatic ScHeduLing Interface) imports schedules from the physician’s practice or facility existing systems (if not using BCX PM), for efficient scheduling of anesthesia providers with a robust automated interactive staff notification system.  No more chasing down the schedule from the facility or physician practice.