Automatic ScHeduLing Importer

  • Knows when your doctors schedule patients
  • Imports appointments from your Dr’s PM
  • Notify GAVIN that an appointment is ready to verify



Where there is HL7 cooperation, information from the physician practice can be brought in electronically to populate schedule and demographic information. The Scheduler is very dynamic, allowing for multiple locations and resources to be scheduled within and across entities. Very helpful in Anesthesia Scheduling and Staffing Scheduling. Automated text message goes out to PRN staff whose response automatically updates the work schedule.

  • Multi-facility
  • Multi-resource
  • Staffing as well as patients
  • Interactively notify your staff of their schedule thru voice and text

Patient Portal

Patient is able to log in and complete paperwork. This information is automatically pre-populated with information on the patient from the physician practice’s system where an HL7 connection is allowed. An email and text can be sent to patient’s. The portal can collect data that is both demographic and clinical. RN’s can work from a queue that lets them know the status as to whether the patient has completed all the questions. The information flows back into the PM system if BridgeConx or other PM Systems where there is an HL7 connection or EHR.

Practice Portal

Your Doctor’s Scheduler’s can view their schedule with the ASC and can reschedule, cancel or create a new appointment right thru the easy to use web interface.

  • Knows your Doctor’s block time and allows for automatic scheduling inside that time frame
  • Can request an appointment outside of block time
  • Can easily verify a DOS without cumbersome faxes or phone calls

Lead Manager

Using submissions from your current Contact Us form, or one we can provide for you, new lead information can be populated into the BridgeConX Lead Manager. Using Lead Manager, your staff can easily keep track of a lead’s status, request notes, request that insurance verification be performed, and schedule a lead for an appointment. Depending on specialty  requirements, it can screen potential patients for procedures. Such as calculating BMI etc. to pre-screen leads.